How to Turn Your Male Weight Gain Stories Side Hustle Into a 6-Figure Business

Male Weight Gain Stories :

When it comes to the weight gain stories, there are so many people who have been struggling with weight loss, or have been overweight their whole life, but have been unsuccessful. The only thing they have done is try every diet and exercise program out there, but even those have not worked. While some people go as far as to inject steroids into their bodies, others take a different approach. One of those is a man named Eric Shiroff who has been running a weight gain blog for the past thirteen years.
Section 1: What diet is the right one for me?
Section 2: What kind of exercise program can help me lose weight?
Section 3: Which of those two options do I prefer
Section 4: What are the most effective ways to lose weight?
Section 5: Can I start from zero?
Takeaway: People have a lot of misconceptions about weight loss and what is the best way for them to lose weight. A lot of these programs don’t work.

Male Weight Gain Stories

Male Weight Gain Stories

HI Joey here today we

be talking about how I gained so much

weight okay if you don’t already know I

have lost over 110 pounds check out some

of these transformation photos so in

this video I’m gonna be breaking down

how I gained so much weight and all that

weight I had to lose here are three

reasons why I was so big why I got to

the point where I was even at when I was

1516 over 300 pounds okay why and how

did I get there let’s jump into it so

number one I ate so much fast food you

name it Carl’s jr. Wendy’s Burger King

McDonald’s Taco Bell del Taco you name

it I’ve been there I love it or I used

to love it okay that was my lifestyle

that’s what I got every day for lunch or

dinner or whatever you know I didn’t

really know how to cook food and no one

was only cooking food at my house but I

went out got something really easy got

some that I thought tasted good but

apparently over the course of a few


I blew up like a freaking balloon guys I

ate so much fast food when I was in high

school it is disgusting to even think

about alright it was just so easy to

walk over it to Panda Express or drive

across the street to in-n-out burger

okay all of these places are absolutely

amazing except when it comes to weight

loss when it comes to weight loss these

things with absolute killer of your

weight loss journey okay and I

experienced that firsthand cut out fast

food BAM 20 pounds easily down

I was also eating so much calorie dense

food like in the mornings I would wake

up and I would make for a go waffles

right but I wouldn’t stop there I would

take on peanut butter on top of that and

then I would drown it in syrup oh my oh

my god am i serious and then for lunch

when I was at school you know what I

would eat I would eat a peanut butter

sandwich I would get a bag of flamin hot

cheetos I would get a bag of goldfish

all right I was just eating like all

these different snacks and foods and

like the peanut butter sandwiches I was

eating you should have seen it it was

absolutely disgusting like peanut butter

that much peanut butter on there with

like that much jelly and then two pieces

of white

and then some snacks okay and then of

course there’s the snack that I eat

that’s not lunch err by the end of

senior year I was totally done with that

oh my god like the high sugar foods I

was eating I was eating nothing but high

sugar foods

it was absolutely unreal you should have

seen me at Krispy Kreme just stuffing my

face with donuts or at Baskin Robbins

getting three toppings on a three scoop

cone and don’t even get me started on

yogurt land

oh my god Yoga land is too good so

that’s the first reason why I got so

freakin big and I blew up like a frickin

teddy bear like I’d look bigger than

Jake Paul I blew up bigger than the bomb

that dropped on Nagasaki I blew up

bigger than a balloon animal at the

circus I was blowing up I was puffing up

like a freakin puffer fish who knows is

about to get attacked by a giant shark

and with that being said I’m gonna jump

into the second reason why I got so

freakin big it is because I was eating

from sunup to sundown like I can’t even

believe how absolutely ridiculous that

was I it’s absolutely disgusting when I

think about I would wake up in the

morning and then I would go make some

waffles or I would go make some eggs and

a ton of bacon a ton of toast and it was

just oh it tasted so good oh my gosh but

I’m pretty sure I gave myself a ton of

clogged arteries seriously like if there

was a snack in my way if there was a

snack at the office or if there was a

snack in my school you know there was a

fundraiser going on best believe I was

first one in line best believe I was the

first one to get seconds right I would

just I could not get enough food I don’t

know what is wrong with me or what was

wrong with me and I would make sure I

got my breakfast I would make sure I got

my lunch I would make sure I got my

dinner and I would make sure that if I

was ever even the slightest bit of

hungry in between those meals BAM snack

snack snack ice cream cookies chips you

name it it was absolutely disgusting

through how much food I was going

through and last but definitely not

least this is a very big reason why I

was actually gaining weight I didn’t

want to just get fat all right it’s not

like I just was eating food for no

reason the third reason of why I got so

freakin big is because I’ve wanted to be

a better football player I wanted to be

bigger I want to be better I want to be

stronger won’t be heavy

okay if you don’t understand this it was

a lifestyle for me you have to realize I

played football for 14 out of 16 or 18

years of my life and I was in high

school so my whole life was football

okay and I was always alignment by the

time I was in sophomore junior year I

was already six foot three six foot four

three hundred pounds so you could tell I

was easily going d1 I had letters coming

in from d1 and d2 schools coming into my

classroom okay my coaches were handing

me letters that were saying hey you know

we want you to come check out our school

we want to talk to you about possibly

playing football with us even at

practice coaches were coming up to me

and I knew I was like you know I have to

be big because the collegiate level

these guys are like six foot seven six

foot eight 330 350 pounds or K these

guys are absolutely gianormous that’s

also part of the reason why I was

getting so big and football if I lost

weight the coaches would actually make

me do more running and they would punish

me more if I lost weight so I made sure

I did not lose weight and I play

football for four years in high school

three of those years were on varsity so

that is also why I wanted to get big and

I wanted to stay big but it just so

happens that after high school or as I

was nearing the end of high school I

started to realize I do not want to go

into the collegiate level I don’t want

to stay at this size I don’t want to

keep playing football my heart just

wasn’t in it best believe it when I was

playing football and I was going up

against people a lot of people respected

me when I was really big because mostly

they were scared of me and I love that

feeling but once we came off the

football field all gone right all gone

everyone just saw me as a big fat kid

there’s really no reason to be that big

don’t let your mind trick you into

thinking that you can’t have what you

want okay you can have whatever you want

you just have to want it bad enough for

the longest time throughout high school

I wanted to be thinner I want to be

smaller but I didn’t want it bad enough

and I would always find myself it’s

because of football it’s because of this

it’s because of that it’s not because of

anything except yourself and your lack

of will and your lack of why you want to

do something so there’s my two cents I

hope you guys took something away from

this video and enjoyed it and thought it

was entertaining if you did I love you

and remember I’ve lost over a hundred

and ten pounds and that’s what I do on

my channel is I tell you about my story

so you can implement the same tricks

that I’ve used it was over 110 pounds

and if that sounds interesting to you

and you like this video please drop a

like and subscribe to my channel I love

you forever I want to see

next video tomorrow I’m gonna be

dropping a video on how I lost 30 pounds

in 30 days I’ll catch you there tomorrow


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